Tea Party in the Garden

Let’s have tea.

On Thursday last I had a special garden tea party.  The favored guests were my great neices.  I’ll call them The Queen, The Social Butterfly, and The Cowgirl.  When I told them we were having tea in the garden they wanted to taste the tea first to make sure it was a drinkable concoction.

I prepared it in the kitchen and gave taste tests to get approval.  Each one nodded their concurrance.  I carried it in a large plastic pitcher to our waiting tea table.  The Queen was in her element. I had emptied the tea into a small toy teapot for her pouring pleasure.  And pour she did.  She enjoyed it so much she wanted to pour & drink all the tea herself.  But I firmly reminded her she must share with her subjects.

The Social Butterfly smiled for every pose I came up with.  The Cowgirl was much more reserved and had to be coaxed into her smiles.  Her Mom Mom bribed her with stories of treats after completed photographs.

For added enjoyment, I gave each guest a beautiful hat to wear and a basket of old jewelery to adorn themselves with.  I placed chocolate candy on a crystal plate and mini pretzels in a crystal bowl.  They were ecstatic.  Brown Bear and Large Rabbit attended the party too.  No one wanted to leave when the party was over.  But Mom Mom was worn out and needed a nap!

All this playing with the latest generation of my extended family made me think about legacies.  When I die will anyone remember me?  Will what I did and said have left an impression?  Will it have been a good impression?  Most important of all will they have seen in me the roots of faith sprouting up with love for the Savior and overflowing to those around me?  Can the Lord use me to plant seed in their lives so that roots of faith will grow in their hearts as well?  That is my humble prayer.


About Pat

I see life as a garden. The Master Gardener has sown the seed of faith deep within my heart. It has taken root and is bearing fruit. As I look at the everyday events that go on in the garden of life I look for lessons that can speak to me about the God of the Universe. The Holy Scriptures are full of messages from God that relate to our lives today. They are timeless. I endeavor to share what I see with you, my friends.
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