The Night Sky

Go outside some night and look up. Look up and see the stars, the moon, and the planets. I always knew that they had a story to tell. I’ve read a little bit about astronomy: how the stars design figures in the sky – Orion, Virgo, Leo, and how the planets shine brightly in the night sky, like Jupiter. But I hadn’t realized the depth of their story, until tonight.
A friend lent me a video that a friend had lent her. It’s called The Bethlehem Star. I found it fascinating.  So fascinating that I had to share this with you.

A Christian lawyer named Rick Larson found himself on a quest to uncover the truth about that wonderful star mentioned in God’s Word…the Bethlehem star that announced the Savior’s birth.  What he found out just gives more proof to the Bible.  He has uncovered facts that most of us didn’t know about.  As he searched for the date of Herod’s death he found the date of the Savior’s birth and the Savior’s death.  As he searched historic, scientific records in the astrological world he uncovered the treasure of the Magi.  By God’s amazing grace, he has been able to share his story and his information all around the world.  If you ever doubted the Christmas story, this should help you accept what Christians have always believed.  So, pass it on, as my friend did to me.   I know we are far from Christmas time, but for Christians, we celebrate the birth and death and resurrection of Jesus Christ every day of the year as we live for Him.  I believe this DVD can plant seeds of faith in many hearts. For more info on this amazing DVD and Rick Larson visit his web site at


About Pat

I see life as a garden. The Master Gardener has sown the seed of faith deep within my heart. It has taken root and is bearing fruit. As I look at the everyday events that go on in the garden of life I look for lessons that can speak to me about the God of the Universe. The Holy Scriptures are full of messages from God that relate to our lives today. They are timeless. I endeavor to share what I see with you, my friends.
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